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Dell computers are developed by Dell Technologies in the year 1984. Apart from manufacturing Computers, Dell also makes laptops, computer accessories, and other electronic devices too. A vast range of Dell computer models are available in the market. Its usage can differ according to nature and type of work you want to perform. Sometimes while using Dell computer some common performance issues may arise at that time you must connect with Dell customer support number which is online all the time to deliver the proper guidance required to solve the problem.

Computers are known for its speed and accuracy but what if there are some glitches in its performance or in its system. Some of the common issues faced by Dell users include noisy fan, hardware issues, resetting or rebooting the device and many more but the most common is computer running slow. There can be various reason for the slow processing of your computer. It can be because of background programs, unnecessary installed programs, incorrect registry clutter, and accumulation of junk files, internet temporary files and cache data, a deadly virus, corrupted OS files and many more.

How to fix Dell Computer running slow

You can fix the speed issue of your Dell computer by following this routine check:

  • Check that you have installed all the available Windows update and backed up your data to a Restore point.
  • In Add/Remove program uninstall any suspicious program or any program which is you not currently use
  • Clear up the junk files
  • Scan your computer with updated Antivirus
  • Make your hard disk and RAM free by deleting unnecessary media and games
  • Defragmentation of the hard disk is necessary
  • Update BIOS and device driver

However if even after following the above-mentioned techniques your Dell computer is still running at slow speed then it is recommended to get in touch with Dell tech support number to get rid of this issue. You can easily access our services round the clock and where our dedicated professional will first understand your problem and then give the best resolution for your problem.

Dell Computer Running Slow

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