Get ready to enjoy AOL Mobile App feature!

AOL has launched its new AOL Mobile App. It has been giving freedom to its users to access AOL mail, get updated news related to sports. Polities and other latest topics, weather forecasting, funny videos etc. on this App. If you are new for AOL mobile app and don’t have installed on your smartphone. Just download & install it on your smartphone through the site of AOL.

Download AOL Mobile App

Be ready to utilize your all favorite things of AOL together around the clock. To get benefits of this app you must have iOS or Android phones because it is compatible with both operating systems. First of all, you will have to download the app and then install it. When you will complete the installation process then follow the configuration steps.

Finally, you will able to use the “AOL Mobile App” & can enjoy the latest news, videos and more with AOL Mail only on AOL Mobile App. Those users who are using an old version of AOL Mobile app should update its version, because after 16 April they won’t be able to use it. To continue use of AOL Mobile App upgrades its new version from official AOL website.


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