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The customer base of Echo Alexa is increasing day by day because of its unique and innovative design. This device is the virtual personal assistant for the people which is controlled by human voice. But built with high technology does not mean it is away from the glitches and errors. Users all over the world are witnessing errors while using this AI device be it the setup issue or problem while connecting to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or smart devices. As this Echo Alexa is new and latest device so it is best to call Echo Alexa Customer Support Number for resolving even the minor issue.

Why Echo Alexa refuse to Connect with Wi-Fi

One of the most common errors of every user is their Echo device not connect to Wi-Fi. There can be various reasons why this connection problem might occur:

  • Wrong password of your Wi-Fi
  • Interference of some other electronic gadget
  • The distance between the Echo Alexa and Wi-Fi is more

How to resolve the Wi-Fi connection of Echo Alexa

If connection issue is haunting you then users need to perform following guidelines which might help them in eradicating this problem completely:

Restart the Echo Device and Wi-Fi Router

  • Reboot your Echo Alexa and at the same time reboot your Wi-Fi router too
  • Wait for some time then try to make the connection again

Problem with Wi-Fi password

  • If you are entering the incorrect password then try to write the correct one keeping in mind the about the cases and spelling
  • If you forget Wi-Fi password then reset it

Reduce the congestion of Wi-Fi

  • If you have multiple devices running on Wi-Fi then try to free some of the devices which you are not using
  • Make sure there is no interference between your Echo Alexa and Wi-Fi router

Sometimes firmware of your router can be causing this problem so try to update it with the latest version. But after applying these steps if the error still persists then reach out to Echo Alexa Customer Care which remains accessible 24×7 round the clock. The skilled and experienced technicians are available at all time to resolve the issue confronted by you by using feasible and effective solution steps.

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