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Are you facing any difficulty in enabling scan on your HP computer? If the answer is yes, then there is no need to worry anymore. In this blog, you will get to know about enabling scan on your computer. The settings are quite easy, you can perform the troubleshooting steps or get in touch with HP tech support number that can be reached online at any hour of the day.

Most often, the scan to a computer is enabled by default from the factory but there are some cases when it gets disabled when you try to change the settings. The feature of enabling the scan allows you to scan through the printer. Once this feature is enabled, anyone with the access to the printer and can scan whatever is on the scanner glass.

Setting up scan to HP Computer

For Windows:

  • Open the HP Printer assistant
  • Go to the scan section
  • Select Manage scan to computer
  • Click Enable

For OS X:

  • Open HP Utility
  • Select Scan to computer
  • Select Enable scan to computer

To scan to a computer from the control panel

  • Load your original print side down on the scanner glass or print side up in the automatic document feeder
  • On the control panel, touch the scan icon
  • In the display, select the computer icon
  • Touch scan shortcut, select a scan option and then click on ‘send’

With the help of above settings you can avail the benefit of scanning from your HP Computer. Do make sure that the printer is well connected to the system so as to ensure that whatever you are trying to print or scan comes as per your requirement. In case you encounter any doubts while enabling the scan feature, you can reach out to HP Customer support number, where the trained and certified team of technicians will help in enabling the feature in no time. The professionals are profound in solving the customer issue without any hassles. They will provide you a permanent and satisfying solution taking minimum amount of your valuable time.

How to enable scan to HP computer

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