Blue screen of death or BSOD is a complicated error which occurs after a serious system crash. An error message will be displayed on the blue screen which will create obstruction while you try to turn on your computer. This computer blunders can only be rectified by the professional experts connected via HP Computer customer support number available 24×7 in a day. They possess the latest techniques and tools which can be helpful in solving this system lapse in the minimum time span.

There can be various reasons which can cause Blue screen of Death error such as hardware fault, faulty driver, and system software, messed up registry files and many more. No magic bullet solution is there which fix every computer issue but if you can just follow the below-mentioned tips you will be able to fix the error of BSOD

  1. Perform Hard reset: Just disconnect all the computer peripheral devices like keyboard, mouse, CPU, UPS. Then reconnect these devices properly and try to turn on the system.
  2. System Restore Point: You can reset your system configuration to last known good configuration which can be done in 3 ways:
  • Use Safe Mode
  • Using HP Recover Tool
  • By using Microsoft System Restore
  1. Hard Drive Test: If the performance of your hard drive has degraded with time then running this test will repair the errors of the hard drive.
  2. Windows Advanced Boot Option:- The Advanced Boot Options screen can be opened by continuously pressing the f8 key after pressing the power button. They have various options which can resolve any kind of startup problem
  3. Update the BIOS and drivers:- Don’t forget to update the BIOS and device driver because the outdated driver may give rise to a different system issue
  4. Update Windows : Make sure you have latest updates of Window software.

If nothing works for you then without giving a second thought just interact with HP Computer technical support number reachable all day long round the clock. Customer satisfaction and eradicating the issue from the core so that it cannot occur in future again is the end goal of the support team.


How to fix blue screen error in HP Computer

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