How to fix Blue screen error in HP Computers

Is your computer showing Blue screen at the time of turning on? Are there any visible error messages on the screen? Are you unable to fix the issue? Then you are reading the right blog. Here you will be provided with a solution to the blue screen error in your HP Computer. This error is quite common with laptops and computers of almost every brand. But you can always reach out to HP Computer technical support number for instant resolution of the issue.

Blue screen of death or BSOD occurs due to many reasons like hardware faults or driver errors. It generates an error code that differs from device to device. When this happens it totally blocks the operating system resulting in an inability to perform any action on the computer. The device often crashes or reboots after the appearance of the blue screen leading to data loss.

Firstly, you need to disable the auto-restart ability of the Windows so that you can get time to note the error code. For doing so, follow these:

  • Go to control panel> system and security> system
  • Go to advanced settings located at the sidebar
  • Click the option ‘advance’
  • Select ‘startup and recovery’
  • Undo the automatic start option from the system failure settings
  • Press ok and close all the tabs

Fixing the blue screen by entering into safe mode

  • Restart your computer
  • Tap F8 key as the device initially power on
  • Once you see the advanced booting options, select safe mode and press enter
  • Once you see the drivers loading, wait for a while
  • Reach the welcome screen
  • Log in to your computer using an account with administrator privileges
  • Also, try to do the system restore that might solve the issue

If you find it quite inconvenient to resolve the issues of a blue screen with the help of troubleshooting steps, then without any delay get to contact hp support phone number for getting an instant solution from the trained technicians that are available round the clock.

How to fix Blue screen error in HP Computers

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