Have you just updated your Windows 10 and now you are facing troubles with your HP Printer? If yes then you can refer this blog to get the instant fixture without many efforts. HP Printer issues after updating Windows 10 are very frequent with users. It is not with your printer only that is misbehaving after the update but even the browsers and other software have been affected. The issues like unable to scan or print, drivers not working, spooler troubles and similar are encountered after the update.

To rectify the trouble you must try the given troubleshooting options. The options will prove very helpful when they are performed in a correct manner only.

Option 1: HP Printer compatibility issues with Windows 10

After you have performed the update, you must make sure that the printer you are using is compatible with the new version of Windows or not. If it is compatible then run the Microsoft printing troubleshooter. You will need to detect, diagnose and fix the issues by using the troubleshooter.

Option 2: Download and install the latest HP Printer software and driver

When your Windows went through an update then it can also be possible that your software drivers also need to be updated. So just check your Printer model and number and get the latest drivers installed on your device for the smooth and uninterrupted functioning of the printer.

Option 3: If the printer still not work

Even after you tried doing the update but to no avail then you must connect with the HP Printer support number that stays available 24 hours of the day. You can also check for any hardware or connectivity trouble that is causing an interruption in your printer to work. If possible, connect the printer through a wired network instead of a wireless one.

But if every troubleshooting is done and you can’t find any useful results then it’s time that you must reset your printer. Or the other way you can also restore your Windows settings to their original form so that the printer can work fine. If everything seems out of your understanding then without wasting any more time, you must avail the professional assistance.

HP Printer issues after updating Windows 10

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