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While there are countless troubles involved with HP Laptops, the problem of overheating is widely encountered by many users. Be it the laptops, computers or printers, HP never disappoints its users by manufacturing defected products. People across the world rely upon HP as the most preferred brand. But sometimes the hassles irritate the users. If you are thinking of How to fix HP laptop overheating then you can follow the steps mentioned in this blog.

But first, it comes to identifying the possible causes due to which your HP Laptop is heating beyond normal limits. Have a look at the basic reasons:

Causes of HP Laptop overheating

  • The composition of dust inside the laptop
  • Hard drive failure
  • Un-countered power supply
  • Cooling fans not working
  • Room temperature

Steps to fix HP laptop overheating issue       

Step 1: Removing dust

It is very important to remove any accumulated dust over and inside the laptop. By doing so the vents will be cleaned and there is will be proper ventilation for the heat. You must take a soft duster to do the cleaning so as to not harm the device body.

Step 2: Make provision for ventilation

The basic criterion you must always remember is to never use your laptop by placing it on your lap. Moreover, take due concern for proper ventilation and place the device on a flat surface.

Step 3: Use HP CoolSense technology

It is a feature is some of the HP Laptops that manage the temperature of your device. It uses a motion sensor on your laptop. You can set the software as per your specifications.

Step 4: Update BIOS

HP keeps on releasing updates for BIOS and other components. Check for them and if available you must perform an update.

Step 5: Look out for any hardware failure

If the issue persists then you must navigate for any hardware failure like memory, processor or graphics card.

These steps will surely rectify the glitch that you are facing with your HP Laptop. If required, you can get in touch with HP Customer care number at any time of the day. The team of technical professionals will guide you with a relevant solution.

HP Support Number

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