HP Laptops are known across the world for their high quality and durable performance. These company laptops are preferred by users as their first choice. But due to certain flaws that keep on occurring leads to disappointment among the users. If you have also come across certain difficulties in using this brand laptop and you don’t know how to troubleshoot them, so you must reach out to HP customer support number at any time of the day for availing the support services provided by the excellent team of technicians.

Troubleshooting HP Laptops is not that difficult as you think. All you need to do is identify the problem and then apply the relevant solution. What might seem a complex issue to you, can be resolved in a simple manner through some of the steps that are mentioned below.

Troubleshooting HP Laptops

Step 1: Locate the model number and the serial number of your HP Laptop.

Step 2: Remove the power cord to see if the laptop can be powered on using only the battery. If it does not turn on then there is a problem with the battery.

Step 3: Check for the issues with the hard drive. Insert a bootable disk into the CD drive and restart the computer. Look if the hard drive is corrupted and try replacing it with a new one.

Step 4: If your laptop is unable to connect with the internet then check the status with the service provider first. If using a Wi-Fi through the router, check the modem and try resetting it. In case of wired connection, try to look for any fault in the wires, if it persists, change as soon as possible.

Step 5: If there is any problem with the drivers, try reinstalling them or replace with new ones.

Step 6: If the laptop is running slow then try to increase its performance by clearing any unwanted programs or files to make space.

These simple steps will help you in troubleshooting your HP Laptops, else if you need a quick solution, get in touch with HP Laptop tech support number that stays active 24 hours of the day online.


How to troubleshoot an HP Laptop

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